Ping the Net


Ping the Net - Explores interesting things we've discovered searching the net.
Centering on the latest technology, devices, and software. We'll discuss the
purpose they serve, to the history of the products that came before it! With a
dedicated segment on green technology solutions. Focused on the solution,
instead of the problem, Arden will brief us on how the latest innovations and
technology can conserve our resources, and solve environmental issues.

Ping the Net is a developing television series hosted by Calador and Arden Cala.
Based In New Hampshire with potential guests throughout New England.

Technology Briefing and Product Information!

    ♦ Discuss Product Purpose & History
    ♦ The latest technology, devices, and software
    ♦ Green Technology solutions today and into the future

Pre-Production - Release Date: TBA - Join in on our journey.
The show has been approved by Access Nashua - March 13!

Access Nashua - Watch on Comcast Channel 96 or Live Stream at!

Details About Us:
We live in Nashua, NH and have been married 17 years. Calador volunteers at
Access Nashua as the Social Media Director. Arden has worked 7 years in the
high-tech industry and volunteers at the Citizen's Climate Lobby. We both believe
in volunteering to help bring positive change to the world around us and we're
lovers of the outdoors. We spend our leisure time Geocaching and attending
Cache-In-Trash-Out events, where Geocachers come to clean up the environment
and our parks. We love technology, Science, and video entertainment!

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